How do you treat an eating disorder?

Other Approaches

There are other supports for individuals with an eating disorder such as self-help and online treatments, and moderated forums for individuals with eating disorders.

Some examples are:

  • CBT-based guided self-help. This treatment uses CBT material that people can access online. Guidance is provided by a trained professional via telephone, e-mail or video calls.
  • Moderated online forums. This approach can provide support to individuals with eating disorders, or caregivers who are supporting someone who has an eating disorder. These forums can be a place to find information and connect with others through their shared experience. These forums have trained moderators, to foster a safe confidential space for participants.
  • Supporting approaches. Some supportive approaches include expressive therapies, such as art therapy. Some people find these approaches helpful to give them different ways to express and explore their feelings. Yoga is another approach that may be helpful for individuals with eating disorders who are medically stable, in addition to standard psychotherapies (like FBT or CBT).
Types of Disorders: How do I know if I have an eating disorder? Finding Help: Where can I find help?

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