How do you treat an eating disorder?

Nutritional Counselling

The treatment plan for eating disorders often includes counselling on nutrition. It is usually given by dietitians or nutritionists who specialize in eating disorders. They focus on healthy eating and changing harmful eating behaviours.

People working with a dietitian or nutritionist learn:

  • what food and drinks you need to be healthy
  • how your body uses vitamins and minerals, and why they are important
  • how your body uses the nutrients in the food
  • how your eating habits can be linked to your emotions
  • how to plan and prepare appropriate meals and snacks
  • how to recognize fears you have about certain food groups
  • how even “feared” foods are important for your body to stay healthy

“They asked me to do things that horrified me, like eating regularly whether I was hungry or not. They explained that because I’d been ignoring my body’s hunger signals for so long, the signals weren’t working properly anymore.” ~Amy

Types Of Disorders: How do I know if I have an eating disorder? Finding Help: Where can I find help?

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