How do you treat an eating disorder?

Arts Therapy

These kinds of therapy include a form of art. Many programs for people with eating disorders offer these types of therapy as an option.

Some examples include:

  • Music therapy: Music is used in a number of ways in therapy. It can help people relax while they do breathing exercises and meditation. In some programs, music is played during meal times to help reduce stress. Sometimes the words in songs help to get people talking about things such as self-love or survival.
  • Dance / movement therapy: This form of therapy tries to show how your actions are connected to your feelings. It helps people understand the connection between mind and body. Dance/movement therapy is especially helpful for individuals with eating disorders who have a hard time finding the words to talk about their emotions.
  • Creative-arts therapy: This form of therapy uses drawing, painting and sculpture (visual arts.) Creative-arts therapy also includes dramatic arts such as acting, improvisation, or role-playing. These forms of art give people different ways to express and explore their feelings. For example, acting can be a “safe” way to work through difficult feelings because you can pretend to be someone else.
Types Of Disorders: How do I know if I have an eating disorder? Finding Help: Where can I find help?

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